Green Party Candidates prepare for County Council elections on May 4th

Green Party candidates from Bromsgrove and Redditch are finalising their nominations for the County Council elections on May 4th 2017.
We expect to give all voters in both towns the chance to vote for the Green Party.

We offer a progressive perspective that works for the common good, based on social equality and environmental sustainability.

We stand for better ways of getting around. We believe residents should have affordable, safe and accessible alternatives to single occupancy car use across the county. We want to see an efficient public transport system that appeals to people. We need safer walking and cycling routes, and are committed to working with business to create more liftsharing, car clubs and home-working.

We want to see an NHS that works for people locally. We want children’s centres to be protected and services developed for the most vulnerable in society.


Pictured clockwise are: Alistair Waugh, Steve Pound, Robert Wardell, Rachel Wardell, Stan Baker, Peter Harvey, David Baker, Michelle Baker and Jill Harvey.

We believe a zero-waste society is possible. There are opportunities to create businesses from re-use and recycling, rather than relying on wasteful incineration.
We plan to help empower communities to become more part of a civil society. We believe that community voluntary groups have the potential to work at the grassroots to make real change to people’s lives for the better.
We want to see developers and planners supported to ensure new buildings and developments are as low carbon as possible. We are imaginative about the possibility for community renewables and district heating schemes, lifting the most vulnerable out of fuel poverty. There are vast opportunities for Worcestershire businesses to plug into the low carbon economy.
We also believe that listening to the concerns of local communities and working with them to find balanced and fair solutions, is an important part of our role.
These are just some of the things we stand for.
May the 4th be with you!


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