Live in Bromsgrove? Want to Take Action on Fracking? Look No Further!

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If you live in Bromsgrove and are concerned about fracking, then please consider sending this email to your MP, Sajid Javid. You could personalise it with some of your own words, or simply copy & paste (with your name & address) and email it to:
If you would like more information on the issue, then contact us:

Dear Mr Javid

I am writing to you about fracking and to express my serious concern that, as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, you may soon announce to overturn Lancashire Council’s locally made decision to reject fracking.
Such a decision would set a deeply worrying signal for future fracking decisions, affecting local communities and the UK’s wider climate change commitments.
It’s unacceptable for a Government that champions localism to ignore this local decision and impose fracking on the people of Lancashire. The planning system ensures that there is local democratic accountability for decisions on development. In particular, at a recent Local Government Association conference, Greg Clark MP said: “powers annexed by central government over decades should be returned to local government”. Local councillors in Lancashire have voted to refuse fracking in their area on planning grounds. Their decision should be respected. 
At the recent public inquiry for the appeals, the Inspector heard evidence showing that if the applications succeeded then fracking would have an adverse impact on climate change, waste, public health, transport, noise and visual impact. Over 11,000 objections were received and over a hundred people spoke at the inquiry. 
I am joined by thousands of people concerned about the final decision on Lancashire that, as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government you will soon be announcing. Recently, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace submitted a petition to David Cameron and Greg Clark signed by over 186,000 people, asking them to respect local democracy and the decision made by Lancashire Council.
As one of your constituents, I am asking you to stand by the Government’s commitment to localism, by not forcing these contentious and unwanted fracking developments on Lancashire – or any other community. We ask you to uphold Lancashire Council’s decision.
Kind Regards
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