It’s 7.30pm to raise a glass to green issues at get together in Redditch

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ANYONE concerned about the state of the Redditch environment, from the impact of the Eastern Gateway to the profusion of plastic, is invited to a ‘Green Drinks Evening’ organised by Bromsgrove and Redditch Green Party.

The aim is to highlight some of the effects of development, its impact on local wildlife and the natural world and to work out what can be done to save it – and you don’t have to be a party member to join in.

“The building planned for the Eastern Gateway is likely to have a dramatic effect of wildlife including the wildlife reserve in Winyates Green,” said local activist and artist Steve Pound.

“A lot of people have expressed concerns so this would be e a great opportunity to get together and see what can be done.

“Also the phasing out of plastic packaging is something that needs to happen fast with islands of plastic bottles and rubbish stretching for hundreds of miles across our oceans.

“Bring back the milkman and his electric milk float, bring back the pop man too! Bring back glass!”

The event is billed as ideal for anyone with even a remote interest in green issues and is an opportunity to discuss these issues and more in a friendly and informal setting.

It’s in the back room of the Golden Cross pub on Hewell Road, Redditch at 7.30pm on Wednesday, February 28 – and non-alcoholic green drinks will also be served.

For more information visit Bromsgrove and Redditch Greens on Facebook or click

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Green Party Candidates prepare for County Council elections on May 4th

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Green Party candidates from Bromsgrove and Redditch are finalising their nominations for the County Council elections on May 4th 2017.
We expect to give all voters in both towns the chance to vote for the Green Party.

We offer a progressive perspective that works for the common good, based on social equality and environmental sustainability.

We stand for better ways of getting around. We believe residents should have affordable, safe and accessible alternatives to single occupancy car use across the county. We want to see an efficient public transport system that appeals to people. We need safer walking and cycling routes, and are committed to working with business to create more liftsharing, car clubs and home-working.

We want to see an NHS that works for people locally. We want children’s centres to be protected and services developed for the most vulnerable in society.


Pictured clockwise are: Alistair Waugh, Steve Pound, Robert Wardell, Rachel Wardell, Stan Baker, Peter Harvey, David Baker, Michelle Baker and Jill Harvey.

We believe a zero-waste society is possible. There are opportunities to create businesses from re-use and recycling, rather than relying on wasteful incineration.
We plan to help empower communities to become more part of a civil society. We believe that community voluntary groups have the potential to work at the grassroots to make real change to people’s lives for the better.
We want to see developers and planners supported to ensure new buildings and developments are as low carbon as possible. We are imaginative about the possibility for community renewables and district heating schemes, lifting the most vulnerable out of fuel poverty. There are vast opportunities for Worcestershire businesses to plug into the low carbon economy.
We also believe that listening to the concerns of local communities and working with them to find balanced and fair solutions, is an important part of our role.
These are just some of the things we stand for.
May the 4th be with you!


Tardebigge set for Fracking Battle

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Villages between Redditch and Bromsgrove could soon become boom-towns for the Fossil Fuel Industry following a recent discovery of gas and oil that may create 100’s of jobs and see major investment in the local canal network.

Contentious plans for shale gas drilling, known as “fracking”, near Tardebigge have split local opinion, with business leaders boasting a £20million boost to the famed Tardebigge Locks and a “boom-town” for the area. Yet campaigners have been left fuming that they have until the end of April to convince planners to reject the application.

Minerals company “First Fuels” this week submitted an outline planning application for an exploratory drilling site in an area known as the Finstall Basin, thought to be rich in shale gas.

The proposed site, near Dusthouse Lane in Finstall, comprises of a square mile surfaced area with 5 well-pads, each with a 38metre high drilling rig. Initial work is planned to take five years, and is expected to determine whether it’s profitable to extract gas and oil locally. (See artist’s impression)

Frack Off Image


The potential for shale gas drilling was unearthed last year by The University of Worcester’s Professor Dorothy Yarnell who is working with First Fuels. She said, “The Finstall Basin is a geological niche that needs to be explored and will go hand-in-hand with improvements to the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. Despite minor disruption, the surrounding villages are set to benefit from job opportunities, cheaper energy bills and cash incentives.”

Local campaigner and amateur historian Ben Freeman of Alvechurch said, “It’s no surprise really. The Domesday Book mentions “the riseth of nauseous gases from thee lande in Tar-de-Bigge, Black Well and Finst-Huile. I’ve kept quiet about this for years, but now it looks like we’ve got a fight on our hands to protect our countryside. Knowing what we do about climate change, it would be foolish to explore for more fossil fuel. Leave it in the ground I say.”

In a bid to mitigate their environmental impact, fracking company First Fuels have submitted plans to transport construction materials to the Tardebigge site by futuristic narrowboat technology “SolarBarge”. A proposed investment of £20 million to the Tardebigge Locks, the longest flight of locks in the UK, may see the heritage waterways site enhanced to enable high volumes of cargo to the drilling site.

Canal enthusiast Frank Pitts of Hanbury Wharf near Droitwich said, “Whilst we welcome the interest in opening-up waterways to industry again, we’re uneasy about the proposals. Tardebigge Locks are a tourist attraction, any effort to update them could be disastrous. Then there’s the run-off water from the drilling. They’ll end up polluting our canals and rivers. I’ve seen enough poorly moor hens in my time to know this stinks.”

Harry Oakes from local campaign group “Frack Off Our Lovely Finstall” said, “This is outrageous. And I urge residents to take action now. Sign our petition. We’re not gonna stand aside whilst they frack our neighbourhood and rubbish our heritage.”

You can sign their petition at:

Green Party candidate joins the fight in Norton by-election

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Bromsgrove & Redditchs’s own Michelle Baker is one of four candidates who have been nominated for the Norton by-election which will take place this January 19 2017
The poll is being held following the death of Coun Pete Lammas at the end of last year.
Conservative Michael Webb, Labour’s Rory Shannon, UKIP’s Adrian Smart and Green Party candidate Michelle Baker will contest the seat.


Green Party candidate Michelle Baker said,

Across the country the Greens are the new broom sweeping through the dusty corridors of power; from Solihull to Brighton, Worcester to Norwich. In the West Midlands alone there are 24 Green Party councillors serving on 11 councils, all asking tough questions and offering ideas to protect essential public services and vulnerable people.

“I’m convinced there are achievable local solutions to the wider issues in society; whether that’s a lack of government spending, the economic downturn or climate change.

“I want our town to measure success not only economically, but by taking account of social equity; the health and happiness of our residents. I want to see a green economy for Bromsgrove, one that’s based on creating jobs, keeping money local and ensuring every child has the best possible chance in life. I want positive change, for the common good.

“People tell me they feel failed by “business-as-usual” politics. And I’m not surprised. That’s why I tell them it’s time to vote Green.”



I’m dreaming of a Green Christmas!

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We would like to wish everyone a peaceful festive season and a frack-free Christmas. “Nadolig Llawen” to our Welsh readers!
Why not turn over a new green leaf in 2017? Come to our meeting on 11th January at the Redi-Centre in Redditch.
Best wishes.
Bromsgrove & Redditch Green Party



Live in Bromsgrove? Want to Take Action on Fracking? Look No Further!

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If you live in Bromsgrove and are concerned about fracking, then please consider sending this email to your MP, Sajid Javid. You could personalise it with some of your own words, or simply copy & paste (with your name & address) and email it to:
If you would like more information on the issue, then contact us:

Dear Mr Javid

I am writing to you about fracking and to express my serious concern that, as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, you may soon announce to overturn Lancashire Council’s locally made decision to reject fracking.
Such a decision would set a deeply worrying signal for future fracking decisions, affecting local communities and the UK’s wider climate change commitments.
It’s unacceptable for a Government that champions localism to ignore this local decision and impose fracking on the people of Lancashire. The planning system ensures that there is local democratic accountability for decisions on development. In particular, at a recent Local Government Association conference, Greg Clark MP said: “powers annexed by central government over decades should be returned to local government”. Local councillors in Lancashire have voted to refuse fracking in their area on planning grounds. Their decision should be respected. 
At the recent public inquiry for the appeals, the Inspector heard evidence showing that if the applications succeeded then fracking would have an adverse impact on climate change, waste, public health, transport, noise and visual impact. Over 11,000 objections were received and over a hundred people spoke at the inquiry. 
I am joined by thousands of people concerned about the final decision on Lancashire that, as Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government you will soon be announcing. Recently, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace submitted a petition to David Cameron and Greg Clark signed by over 186,000 people, asking them to respect local democracy and the decision made by Lancashire Council.
As one of your constituents, I am asking you to stand by the Government’s commitment to localism, by not forcing these contentious and unwanted fracking developments on Lancashire – or any other community. We ask you to uphold Lancashire Council’s decision.
Kind Regards
(put your name and address here)

We are Bromsgrove and Redditch Green Party!

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Green Party Meetings

Bromsgrove and Redditch Green Party hold regular meetings for members, supporters and anyone interested in ‘Green’ issues. We try to alternate meetings between each town and we can usually offer lift-sharing options. If you would like to come along, please contact us for the location and date of our next meeting.

For more information, please contact Alistair Waugh by email or telephone 0775 1 305 654

Speak to your Green Party Coordinator say HELLO!